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Momentum with Pheromones

Crossing towards me in the throng of pedestrians was a cute little Japanese girl, a double for the porno actress Chihiro Aoi. She was about five-two with long, silky straight black hair. I knew that using pheromones would increase her attraction to me. Her body was petite, but curvy with nice hips and ass and breasts pushing out against her coat, the kind of soft feminine-looking girl that I love to corrupt. A long funky green woollen coat with really wide sleeves and really thick wrist cuffs kept her warm. Those cuffs looked like cheerleader’s pom-poms, giving me an obvious opener. Fatigue was swept clean away like a gang of jihadis under an artillery strike. ”You look like a cheerleader walking down the street with her pom- poms in that coat.” Makiko gave me a bemused look, a smile crept onto her face. Learn more at and

Ah, shitty English. So she was fresh off the boat. I was an androstenone based pheromones to incease attraction. Her feet remained rooted to the sp0t—a sure sign of interest—so l concentrated more on my sub- communication as we engaged in a stilted but pleasant ten minute conversation. I dropped in occasional Iapanese words when I struggled to convey my intentions in English, and from that I was able to gauge that even in her own language, she was shy. She still wasn’t saying much, but her eyes held the tell-tale sparkle. I was as non—threatening as I could be, I didn’t want her to bound off like a scared rabbit, and I was able to bounce her across the street to Pret A Manger for a cup of coffee. For ten minutes we communicated mostly with our eyes as we sat across from each other over a narrow high table. That was the hard part. The sandwich shop was packed with shoppers busily getting their late lunches or coffees. Usually when I first meet a girl the words keep things chugging along. I’ll be telling stories, joking, laughing and letting her tell me more about herself. Girls have a tendency to tell me things that she wouldn’t otherwise. It’s that sense of anonymity, knowing that she can say anything and it’s not going to get back to her friends or family who I am likely never going to meet. Our connection is a pure, discreet one-on-one interaction entirely cocooned from the rest of her life of pheromone oils. A language barrier hamstrings all of that. All of the subtlety and finesse that can be communicated verbally is rendered useless so you have to get creative pheromone scents. I teased her about looking like a cute little hamster, finding a picture on Googlelmages to illustrate my point. Mostly I was using eye contact to keep the hook and used playful movements with her, all which she seemed to be enjoying, but I was getting bored quickly. Barely suppressed yawns fought their way up—l was still exhausted and starting to crash. Still a mere technical challenge like being unable to talk to each other wasn’t going to stop me from trying to poke my dick into her. Time to try a different tactic and use venue changes to keep some momentum going. Learn more at

Dealing With Pheromones Excitement

The first Pheromone Accelerator to use is Familiarity. So the first thing you should do is create a routine around the place you’ve found will have your ideal woman. If it’s a gym, go to that gym every day. Tuesday, or every couple of days, but always around the same time that I wear pheromone cologne. Go to the same bar repeatedly, the same library, the same beach. Take the same salsa class. What will happen is that everyone and more importantly the people with Social Influence, will start becoming familiar with seeing you. This routine will also take pressure off your pheromone interactions with people. The problem most people come across when they meet social connectors, is that they try too hard too early on. They try and fit the entire friendship process into a 5 minute conversation. Having a routine allows you to spread out the interaction so it’s more relaxed. The first time you see them can be simply a nod and a smile. Second time “hey how’s it going.” By the third time you already have some Familiarity, now you could have a slightly more in depth conversation. The fourth time a little bit more, and so on. Having the routine will build Familiarity very quickly and it will allow you to spread out the friendship process not making you seem like you’re trying to hard with cheaper pheromones. Pheromone Recognition The second Rapport Accelerator to use is one called pheromone attraction methods. Learn more at and Iactually think that if used correctly, this is the most powerful method of increasing rapport with someone and building a deeper connection. I remember the first time I learned this. I was at a school reunion, and my English teacher would go around having brief conversations with people. When I say brief, I mean no more than a couple minutes tops. The amazing thing about pheromone perfume was that every single person he spoke to was beaming from ear to ear after he walked away. It was as if he had just given them a winning lottery ticket. It was crazy to watch. He would just walk around person to person, 30 seconds here, a minute there, every time he left the person, they were smiling. I finally got a chance to ask him what he was doing, and he told me something that I will never forget and I’ve been using his technique ever since. He said: ’I always remember one specific detail about the person, just one detail. It doesn’t even have to be their name, but I always remember a specific detail and something that’s personally important to them.” Simply brilliant. Once I started incorporating this into my interactions with people, I was able to shoot through the rapport ladder like it was nothing. I remember Martin, the owner of one of the most popular celebrity nightclubs in London. I got chatting with him outside while he was having a cigarette. He mentioned something about his wife or girlfriend having just had a baby and how tough it was living with a newborn. The next time I came back to the club, I mentioned it to him and his reaction was incredible. Learn more at

Pheromones are the most important mental concept

Pheromones are the most important mental concept to keep in mind while online dating (and real life dating, for that matter). Most guys find one, two, maybe three or four women they get really excited about online, and focus all of their mental energies on them. Since this is much too small a sample size for any online dating success (unless you get lucky) these women never pan out, and then these guys get frustrated. I get messages all the time from men who say things like “I’ve got this really hot chick who I’m talking to on Tinder (or OKCupid , or Match, or wherever). What should I say?” They don’t understand that I can’t help them and must produce more pheromones to stay attractive. Why? Learn more about pheromones at and they’re dealing with just one woman, or at a minimum are putting their time and/or mental focus into one woman over all the others. The odds of ever meeting her or having sex with that one particular woman on all of Tinder are incredibly low. If instead, a man asks me “I’ve got 35 profiles of hot women who all live within 45 minutes of my house, and I want to hook up with one or two of these women. How do I do that?” Now that guy I can help! Even if you are a companion-seeker looking for one special girl, you still you need to start focusing on the many, not the few or the one that loves human pheromones. Use pheromones to gain the edge Even if you want to find that one special girl who is the answer to all of your prayers, doesn’t it make sense to date as many women as you can to find the best woman who’s out there for you? Regardless of what your objective is, opening many women, communicating with many women, going out on dates with many women is always the best way to get there. I’m not saying you need to be having sex with tons of women all the time (unless that’s your objective of course). I’m just talking about constantly putting many women through the process at once, instead of one or a few at a time. When I’m in online dating mode and hitting it hard, doing big blitzes of openers or swipes, I am rarely working on less than 15 women at a time. That means there are at least 15 women on my spreadsheet I’m actively communicating with, who are somewhere in the process of scheduling a first or second date with me. Most importantly, I don’t get excited about any one girl. I don’t even get excited about any two or three women. I get excited about the entire group. I know, statistically, that I’m going to be having sex with, and entering into a relationship with, at least one of these women, if not two, three, or more. I don’t know which ones it will be, and it’s exciting to find out which ones out of the 15+ will “graduate” to that level. It’s like opening presents on Christmas morning. With this attitude, do you think I care if one of the attractive women on my list suddenly stops talking to me? Or cancels a date? Or turns out to be a bitch? Nope. I just smile and keep working the rest of the list. I’m excited about the many, not the few or the one. Pheromones have made attracting women so much easier. Learn more about pheromones at

Female pheromones ends up creating a lot of strife and confusion

Female pheromones ends up creating a lot of strife and confusion. We have a lot of guys out there who wonder why – when they are being the nice, respectful, caring man they think women want, those same women who say they want those things, end of up going for bad guys who are nothing like that. At the same time, we have a bunch of women sitting around wondering why they can’t find a good man because they don’t understand why men just can’t “get it.” Time to clear this whole mess up. What Women REALLY Want first, let’s get rid of some misconceptions. As stated in the first chapter, the things that guys “think” girls want typically come from two sources: Guys project what THEY want and assume girls want something similar. 2 Guys listen to what women actually say they want (which we have established is only a sliver of truth). Learn more at’s take a moment to review each one of these sources of misconception. Misconception # 1 : Guys project what THEY want and assume girls want something similar. In a recent survey by, 2,000 men and women were asked what type of vehicle, brand, and color of vehicle the most attractive member of the opposite sex drives. The majority of women in this study said that men who drive a plain black Ford truck are the most attractive. Yet, men in this same survey said that the hottest women drive a red BMW Z4. In other words, men want a woman who drives a car THEY want to drive. This is a classic example of men projecting what they want onto women and assuming women want the same thing. Men think a woman likes a guy in a flashy sports car, when women say they want a guy that drives a boring black truck. What about a guy’s body? In one online poll – for example, 72.5% of women chose the skinnier, leaner, average male body type with only 1% choosing the guys with bigger, buffer, super-hero type bodies. Yet it was men who overwhelmingly chose the bigger, buffer body type as the ideal male body. What about dick size? When it comes to penises, men are more obsessed with them than women are. In fact, the entire debate on dick size is almost exclusively a male discussion and male phenomenon. Study after study, both nationally and internationally across all socioeconomic levels, demonstrates empirically time and time again that women just don’t really care about your dick as much as you do. What about money? Although it’s true that money and value status have a role to play in women’s attractiveness level of you, when it really comes down to the wire women just want a man with a plan. As long as you’re working toward something and have a solid vision and goal and passion, they don’t care how much money you’re making at the time.When a girl says she enjoys having promiscuous sex, she’s looked at as a slut or a whore, not only from her female friends, but from other males. When a woman says she wants a man to ravish her, take control of her, and dominate her in the bedroom (we’re not getting into sex in this book, but as a rule of thumb the majority of women want this), she is chastised by a prevailing feminist viewpoint in society that tells her that this is unacceptable and that she has no respect for herself. Learn more at

Stimulating Pheromones

Creating love pheromones that gets to you?” She might say, “Well, my last relationship was very boring and we stopped growing together after the first few years I wish more men were willing to recreate love every day. It would show me that men still care about building a relationship after the excitement has burned out.” Okay, do you see the impact you’re getting out of just asking for her favorite movie? Stop asking surface layer question after surface layer question and start penetrating deeper into what her response really say about her.
Oftentimes, we go from question to question looking for something in common when it’s really about asking questions to go deeper and understand who she really is as a person. When she gets vulnerable and shares more about herself, she is investing more in the interaction with you, which creates a stronger and more meaningful connection between the two of your real pheromones.
When you get emotionally naked and vulnerable, you open the doors for her to be exposed and reveal her true self too. This combination of having fun, stimulating conversations first combined with meaningful exchanges will make you someone she’ll never forget since you stand out from the crowd. It’s really about having that balance of both stimulating and meaningful chats. I’d say go in first with stimulating conversation and pepper in meaningful conversations to display you’re not only someone fun, interesting, and engaging, but also a man of substance which is a very attractive combination. We’ve gone over a ton of content here. I made socializing with women a big priority because so many guys just can’t have that conversation with a girl and lead it into the direction they want with real pheromones. Learn more at
A lot of guys get stuck in no conversation purgatory where they finally overcome their fears and approach girls flawlessly, then she slowly closes herself down and runs off to her friends since the conversation simply died with natural pheromones. Guys can be stuck in this rut for years, so if you apply these concepts, you can smash through having boring conversations and start working on physically escalating which should actually be done in congruence with your conversations yet, it’s important as a beginner to get the social skills down first, then incorporating being physical into your interactions. As you progress, you can do both at the same time, but often guys will use being physical as a crutch and not know how to talk and have real conversations which can end the interaction. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. Get pheromones at
How to Physical Escalate with Women’s Pheromones
You’re having a good conversation and you’re wondering when can I touch her? The answer is right now. If you don’t touch her, you’re making it harder on yourself. The sooner you touch her the easier it will be to have a conversation and she will view you as a man of interest. She’ll think, “with this guy, I can do this and I’ll allow him to do that, but with that guy I keep my distance because he’s too nice with sexual pheromones.” You’ve approached, hooked, passed her tests and are having a great conversation. Great job. Now, if she’s been giving you these signs, she is open to you touching her and escalating things at some level. Get pheromones at

Pheromones make all the difference

he’s committed to you – you don’t really feel like there’s much of a relationship do you? It’s more of a convenient friends with benefits situation. So for a relationship to last, and for two people to want to stay together for long, there HAS to be certainty. But the problem with certain is that it gets predictable with human pheromones.
Then we need new things to happen, new things to do, and our partner to show up in a different role so we can feel variety. Or we need to lead by showing up in a different role first. So there are a tonne of ways men, and women meet their need for variety of pheromones.
Red screams sex, black is sexy and mysterious, and white comes across and innocent. Lingerie is a really easy way to show up as a different type of woman and stimulate his visual senses. And, of course, find out what colors he ac tually likes, as well. – If you feel the need to go somewhere new, or do something new, guess what? Inside, your man probably does too. So, there’s no problem with going to him with a suggestion of a new thing to do together. Just say it likes this: “I’ve found out about this cool thing we can do! I’m so excited about it, and I just can’t imagine doing it with anyone other than you. Would you be interested in doing this with me?” – Just let your feelings flow. You don’t have to be a woman who makes life hell for a man, but contrary to what most people will tell you, some drama isn’t bad – as long as you’re showing him at the same time that you’re open to him. See, with most women, drama IS a bad thing with human pheromones. Learn more at and
Pheromones make all the difference. You go to where he is, and you express what angered you or hurt you, all the while – being totally present with him and with your unity (your relationship). Feel his responses and respond back. Allow him to FEEL you and to feel that you are coming to him because you CARE, and because you are actually invested in HIM – and you need him. It’s this openness rather than criticism that really ends the deal with a man, or sends him out the door. Check out pheromones at
Why? Because significance is the fuel for masculinity. It thrives on it. Men need to feel they have status, that they are influential, important and are SOMEBODY. This doesn’t mean women don’t have this need, not at all.
Explore that. I don’t want to go too deep in to this, because I’m not giving advice on one’s sex life, but I trust you to find that part of yourself, and experiment w ith it. The real secret to filling up a man’s need for significance using the dark side is giving him the overwhelming feeling of “SHE WANTS ME”. If he can feel you desiring him, you’ve got him. Just like that! – When you are out together, and he is speaking, look at him. Look towards him.

increased pheromone productions

Normal is boring without pheromones. It is our differences that set us apart and make us unique, and it’s our uniqueness that draws others to us. Ask anyone. Ask someone who has lost a loved one what they remember about their significant other and I bet they will tell you how they remember the stupid little things, the idiosyncrasies. 
Because… It isn’t about becoming this perfectly functional “best self”; it’s about finding someone who complements your naturally occurring oddities. Or to put it another way the point is to find that functional dysfunction. Now, what you probably don’t know is my own journey in the seduction arts has been a difficult one with cheap pheromone cologne. 
I’m not certain, and I’ve never been diagnosed, but I share several traits with a disorder on the autism spectrum called Asperger’s syndrome [a type of high functioning autism]. I have a high sensitivity to certain sensory stimuli, at times I have inappropriate facial expressions I’m usually not aware I’m making, and I’m stuck in my own world much of the time when I use pheromone perfume. 
Obsessive is a good way to describe some of my interests often taking them beyond the casual interests of those around me. I have difficultly reading pheromone signals as well as maintaining eye contact, which makes me highly uncomfortable even around people I know well. Sometimes I “forget” other people have feelings, I generally dislike small talk, and I have topographic agnosia [place blindness], which causes me to get lost very easily. So, when you look at all of that you have to take a moment and think,
“Damn, how am I going to get past all of it to get to where I want to be?” 
Have the girls write down their favorite animal, number, sexual position, bra color, best feature, or what her code name would be if the two of you were spies. The possibilities are endless. Later when you’re talking to a different group of girls let them see the writing on your arm, but do not mention it at all the type of pheromone perfume that you use. The longer you go before anyone brings the writing up the more curiosity is built thanks to increased pheromone productions. Learn more about pheromones at and
Pheromone Gesturing: When speaking you probably think the words come first, but in reality the gesture comes a fraction of a second before the words and leads you toward your point. Give your words more impact by slowing your gesturing down to make it appear more deliberate. This type of movement is used to drive a point home and draw attention to an important last sentence before speaking the words. Sometimes your only important point will be your last sentence, which you have diligently crafted to have her remember your pheromone scent. Learn more about pheromones at
Quick Tip About Pheromones: You can transition and achieve your desired results more quickly with simple movements. Remember: you don’t want raise your voice in anger or be rude, which shows a lack of control and possibly insecurity. Instead use body language to convey rejection. It is more understated and quicker. The better you are at reading body language the more women accept of you on a subconscious or even conscious level. 

I have a pheromone perfume

Improve my pheromones appearance by several levels to make it easier to pull 9’s and 10’s. I have no probably meeting woman but the 9’s and 10’s that I pull are very rare. Mostly 6-8’s.
My pheromones style is also ok. I go out to clubs and lounges about twice a week. I have some nice button up shirts but nothing custom made or anything. I recently met a guy that gets all his shirts and suits custom made. Very costly but it looks great on him. He pulls crazy chicks. I do ok at the club but I tend to go for lower level chicks because they are easier to pull. Learn about pheromones at and
My pheromone oil hygene is very good but not perfect. My teeth are very straight and pretty white. I used to get compliments on my smile all the time but that has stopped. Either my teeth aren’t as white or I don’t smile that much. Join me on a quest to looking better with real human pheromones. I will post what I am currently doing and review courses from time to time. I hope this will help others. Learn about pheromones at
My hygene is pretty good. I just bought a Waterpik flosser yesterday that is awesome. Dont know why I didn’t buy one earlier. I also have a pretty badass electric toothbrush. The combination of both makes it seem like I step out of the dentist everyday.
I have a pheromone perfume from that works pretty well. I don’t like having too much hair. I actually shaved my legs with it this past summer and got negative reviews from woman about it. I didn’t care because I thought it looked better.
I need to work a little more on my pheromone scent. I try to wash my face at night and in the morning. I also try to apply face lotion and an eye cream everyday but I am not consistent with it. As I am getting older I really need to pay more attention to my pheromone production. I really like the pheromone line Pherazone.
I always try to smell good and just started looking into different pheromone colognes. Let me tell you that I have received many compliments on how I smell. Wearing a cologne that smells good on you is a big plus. Woman love a guy that smells good.
I will get into more specific things later. This is just an overall plan and what is coming up. Tips and comments are recommended. Hope I will be able to help some people out while I go on my journey of looking better. Believe it or not I have received the most compliments from Pherazone pheromones than any of the other colognes. I am guessing because most woman recognize the scent from walking around the mall. Never heard of that cologne guru but just looked at the reviews on Amazon and it seems to get high ratings. I might purchase that and give a review on it.

What I’m Doing with Pheromones

I’ve been using pheromones daily and always use the regular click track at least twice a day and I work with at least 3 positive pheromones before I go to bed. I’ve also noticed that I work so much better at night than during the day and I’m going to start changing my sleeping schedule so I’m working during the night and not during the day. The only interference with this that I can think of is getting a day job, which I’ve been applying for. One of the pheromones I’ve been using for the past couple of days is Pherazone. Learn more about pheromones at and
What I’m Doing with Pheromones
3 hours of pheromones, but I’ll be speeding it up. I’ll take notes on it and post it here later. and I’ve been really feeling its effects. My level of negative self talk has increased and my desire to follow through with my natural pehromones has increased as well. I really want to give myself what I deserve and stop wallowing around in self-pity or keep sabotaging my success. I’m planning on learning to write more effectively and faster and work as a copy-writer for some extra income and then transition into writing and then monetizing a blog. I’ll be reading Steve Manning’s How To Write A Book On Pheromones In 14 Days or Less on that subject. Check out pheromones at
I’m about to restart doing the human pheromone program and try and substitute EMT (the programs own tool for releasing unwanted emotions) with pheromones and see how that goes. If it goes well then I’ll be posting a guide on how to combine the two. I’m also thinking of rewriting the author Magnus’s Tapping for PUAS and Tapping Yourself Free for use with pheromones.
 I really liked how Magnus laid out a list of goals necessary to become a great pheromone  and I could see how this would benefit people a lot. In fact, I may just write an entire pheromones book and distribute it for free. The only thing I’m worried about is that I don’t really have the credentials to write such a book, but the knowledge it would contain would be sound.
I’ve also started doing intermittent pheromone production and I’m exercising daily now, just 5 pullups and 20 pushups to form the habit of working out.
I’ve learned the basics of Internal Family Systems and am going to start applying it to my pheromones work. The gist of it is that all negative experiences are kept by your subconscious and remain stuck there unless cleared out, which I already knew. 
What I didn’t know is that I don’t function as a whole pheromone, I am made up of parts with different functions, some positive, some negative based on how I was influenced. Each negative experience corresponds to an “Exile” a piece of me that is stuck at the exact same age as when that negative experience originally happened, and that each Exile has a “Protector” a behavior or a state of being that aims to protect the Exile from further damage. Once the exile has been freed, it can unload its burden and pick up a new role.